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Bedard at your service: We’re here (hopefully)

If you're reading this, it means that we made it out of production and onto the actual internet.

That's a good, initial step. And we'll keep taking another one each day. Hopefully we'll be fully operational in no time.

Anyways, thanks for checking us out. Part of the deal here is that you're going to have access to the reporters covering your teams more than ever before. That means Daily Q&As, like this one here, along with a bunch of other stuff as we move along.

I'm here to take your questions. Here's how this will work:

If you have signed up as a subscriber (and I can't tell how appreciative we are that you have), then you can leave questions about whatever you want (site launch, future plans, actual football coming) down below. At 11 a.m., I’ll go through and answer as many as possible. When it’s done, all that will be left are the Qs that were used, my replies and any follow-ups by the original questioner. To make it a clean experience for everyone, please don't use this the way you would an ordinary commenting thread, where we normally encourage a healthy and respectful discussion.

If I have time (subscribers rule the roost around here), I will also solicit questions at the BSJ Twitter account for any people trying us out, and post the answers here.

The whole thing will be posted at Noon.

Thanks for checking us out. Hope you like what you see and join us at some point.